Sage 100 ERP

The worldwide linking of industry, trade and public institutions is an inexorable process, which large companies have been taking into account for years with standard software that can be used worldwide.

Smaller medium-sized companies are responding to this internationalisation by establishing branches and branch networks in their main trading areas. The cost-effective use of standardized software is of particular importance, since efficient communication for the realization of central logistics concepts between the individual locations represents a decisive competitive advantage.

Run a smarter, faster, more connected business with Sage 100


Scalable software

Get the features and functionality you need when you really necessitate them, with scalable software that grows with your company.

Fast tracking of your finances

Cut out the tedious task of re-keying bank payments and relax as transactions flow seamlessly into your account with Sage Bank Feeds.


Boost your productivity

Start performing analysis with automatically formatted, clearly presented data within a single click, and in the familiar environment of Excel.


Command your business

Take full control of your business with end-to-end visibility of all your operations, add or remove users, companies, and reports to match your business’ ever-changing requirements.


Drive your profits

Respond quickly to opportunities and get the insights you need on the go - speeding up growth to drive your business forward.


Financial information

ŸŸ- The financial situation of your company can be viewed  at any time using the four general ledgers (sales, purchase, nominal and cash book).

Ÿ-  Interactive dashboards and detailed reports as well as open and closed accrual accounting with a flexible nominal structure provide additional insight.


Excel reporting

Ÿ- With the increasing growth of your company, there is a risk of losing the overview. The available Sage 100 Excel reports can prevent this.

- To increase your productivity, you can access meaningful and clear reportsat any time - even when on the move.

Ÿ- With a single click, you can retrieve clearly presented data in a familiar Excel environment.

Ÿ- By responding quickly to opportunities, you can take your business to the next level with Sage 100.



Ÿ- Manage every element of your supply chain—from stock management, purchase order processing, and stock order processing

- Maintain control over your sales and expand your business.


E-invoicing with Sage Pay

Ÿ- Integrated invoice payments that work seamlessly from within your software.

- Save time with automatic account reconciliation to reduce the number of late invoices.


Intelligent business management

Ÿ- Analyze your data from every aspect of your business.

Ÿ- Identify customer and product trends and measure performance against different metrics.


Manage parts lists

- Monitor and control the costs of your manufacturing processes.

- Use multiple bills of materials with different options for subassembly, inventory, or multiple units of measure.



Ÿ- Complete planning, order processing, material and inventory management to standardize and optimize production planning.

Ÿ- Coordinate your sales channels and receive automated reports.

Ÿ- Support the assembly line, repack mass items, plan resources and plan labor and materials.

Ÿ- Reduce costs and delivery times and monitor production processes and the entire manufacturing cycle to help you increase productivity.



Internationally operating businesses have to have the opportunity of using a multilingual ERP-system. The technologies developed by MS-Consult enable the use of Sage 100 ERP and accounting in the languages English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Hungarian, or Czech. The production planning module is currently available in English, French, Polish, and Czech (more languages upon request). With this multilingualism, it is possible to work in several languages and with unified data at the same time company-wide in a terminal server environment.     

The multilanguage-function allows your workers to display the Sage 100 surface in different languages. Completely translated user interfaces are also available in 14 languages as additional packages. The ability to choose a currency other than the Euro or to perform a billing procedure with alternative guidelines like the IAS/IFRS or US-GAAP additionally displays a determining criterion for international operations.

Smaller, mid-sized businesses take this internationalization into account by establishing branches and branch networks in their main areas of operation. Here, the cost-effective use of standardized software plays a special role, as the efficient communication represents a significant competitive advantage in realizing central logistic concepts between individual locations. Have you ever thought about or do you already plan to take on the challenges of foreign markets? As part of globalization, businesses move their locations across borders more and more frequently. Consequently, one faces the question if the Sage 100 used in Germany can also be used in foreign countries. Here is the answer: Yes, it can!