Sage 100 CRM

Sage CRM is the flexible complete solution for the professional Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The software combines functions for all areas that are important to your customer success: marketing, sales and customer service.
With Sage 100 CRM, you can manage, control, analyze and improve all your customer relationships. All applications can be tailored exactly to your needs and are easy to configure. Sage CRM is easy to maintain and use: the software is installed once, it is completely web-based, individually adaptable and intuitive to use. Minimum effort, maximum benefit.

An easy, adaptable and affordable CRM for small and medium-sized businesses

For all of your customer relationship management needs, Sage CRM software helps you to manage your entire contact base in one single place, track your leads to point of sale, and make informed business decisions based on accurate information.

Get end-to-end visibility to develop better customer relationships, with features that include:


Manage your important customer relationships

Record key details about every customers. Then, you can make every interaction count and build more rewarding relationships.


Integrate with your Sage accounting solution

Improve interdepartmental communications, reduce duplication of data and of work, and make more informed business decisions.


Send and track e-mail campaigns using MailChimp

Create a targeted e-mail campaign for free. Then, send your campaign to 2,000 leads and customers, and track your open and click-through rates.


Use Business Accelerators for Sales

Track progress against your business’s KPIs using this suite of tools. Plus, you can help sales people become more productive and close sales faster.


Provide an exceptional customer service

Provide a consistent experience to every customer. You can also improve the quality of support with a central knowledgebase and increase customer retention rates.


Customise Sage CRM and become a more productive and informed business

  • Adapt the look and feel of Sage CRM to suit the needs of your business
  • Avoid duplication of work by storing customer information in a central database
  • Organise marketing, sales and customer services activities using one solution
  • Obtain a better insight into the performance of your business with powerful reports and charts
  • Use customer data from your entire company and thereby influence your target customers who need your products and services. 

Integrate with Sage ERP and join-up every part of your business

  • Resolve customer queries faster with more personal responses
  • Create targeted campaigns based on customer information that deliver a better return on your marketing budget
  • Enable customer service teams to handle customer queries more efficiently
  • Support of sales teams in accelerating quoting and meeting specific shipping and delivery requirements
  • Automate workflows that connect one department to the next and help your business run more efficiently
  • Identify sales patterns and cross-sell opportunities using real-time information about the volume and value of trade in your company


Send e-mail campaigns with MailChimp

  • E-mail up to 2,000 lists subscribers a month as part of MailChimp’s free plan
  • Use dozens of MailChimp predesigned templates or create your own
  • Send an automated series of personal e-mails to leads and customers
  • Automate communications with current and prospective customers
  • Track open rates, clicks and logouts
  • Report on and improve your campaigns in real-time
  • Share previous campaigns with colleagues so they can save time
  • Send e-marketing campaigns on behalf of other users

Business Accelerators for Sales

  • View data from across your company on two new management dashboards
  • Evaluate the performance of your business with sales KPIs for managers
  • Measure your company's progress using sales metrics for managers
  • Act on a range of preconfigured alerts and notifications
  • Save time with new alternative sales workflows
  • Obtain clear insight on new management dashboards
  • Analyse sales campaigns activities with new KPI charts
  • E-mail quote information as a PDF in just one click


Complete solution for the professional Customer Relationship Management.


The integration of Sage 100 and Sage CRM.